2nd Annual Tapis User Meeting

Joint with Gateways 2022

We will hold the annual Tapis User Meeting as a hybrid virtual/in-person meeting. In the meeting, members of the Tapis project team will present new features that have been developed in Tapis over the last year, upcoming features planned for development next year, and highlight some projects that have recently started using Tapis. We’ll present demos of some new features and have plenty of time for audience questions.

Meeting Time: Tuesday, October 18th | 10am-12pm PST, 1pm-3pm EST
Location: Gateways Conference | Venue 808 | San Diego CA
Zoom Information (for virtual meeting):

Presentations on Tapis features and functionality (60 minutes)

What is Tapis? (10 minutes)

New features in production over the last year: (20 minutes)

  1. Jobs Notifications
  2. Sharing
  3. Pods
  4. Workflows
  5. Expanded Tapis UI capabilities
  6. Deployer

Upcoming features (20 minutes)

  1. Model Commons
  2. Jobs smart scheduling
  3. Globus
  4. Streams features
  5. Migration from v2

Project Highlights (10 minutes)

  1. One Science Place
  2. Hawaii Data Science Portal
  3. CI/CD for HPC
  4. Can mention Tuitus POSE as well
  5. Hawaii Mesonet / Streams projects

Break (10 minutes)

An Overview of the Tapis POSE and transition of Tapis to sustainable open source ecosystem (10 minutes)

Demos (25 minutes)

  1. Walkthrough of the default Tapis UI
  2. Job Notifications and Sharing
  3. Pods API

Audience Q&A (15 minutes)